Energybreakfast #130: webinar Donutday, with Kate Raworth!

donderdag 23 april 2020 , 8:45 - 10:30 uur

A few times a year, we have an English Energybreakfast. Not the sausages.. only the language. This year we organise it around a hopeful theme: the Donut Economy. The Donut concept is from Kate Raworth. A model for all people to surpass 'the threshold of the bare minimum' under the 'ceiling of a healthy earth and sky'. In other worlds: a world in which we all want to live in. 

We are very honoured that Kate Raworth will join this webinar and comment on the idea of Donut Day. 

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Program Webinar Donut Day Thursday 23rd April. 

8.45 Reception, time for everyone to ‘enter’ the breakfast. Bring your breakfast or coffee! 

9:00 Opening and welcome Thijs Haverkamp: project director 02025. 

9:10 What is Donut Day? Pauline Westendorp: cofounder 02025, Oranje Energie and Zuiderlicht.
Presents 02025, network of networks, ecosystems: presentation of how Donut Day can support 'action perspective' (or in Dutch: handelingsperspectief) for people who want to work on solutions. 

9:20 Leading by examples -  Isabella Jansen: concept artist and teacher Donut Day
Presents 1. Donut Day at Geert Groote 2 school. The thriving ecosystem in the classes, and in the schoolyard. 2. How does it solve two issues: the shortage of teachers in Amsterdam and the energy transition 3. Future of Donut Days, energy challenge in Zuid Oost, Oost and Zuid. Working in hubs, programming 1 day a week in 3 schools? 4. Want to join? 

9:30 Donut Day, as part of an emergency plan for teachers shortage? Herma de Walle. Independent strategy consultant at wallah consulting, member of the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition Task Force. Until recently she worked as a strategy advisor on circularity & sustainability at municipality of Amsterdam, earlier for University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, elaborates on the emergency plan regarding the shortage of teachers and one solution: Donut Day for learning ecosystems. Further she will give her opinion on the Donut Day concept as presented. 

9:40 Q&A - Thijs Haverkamp 

9:50 Donut Day ! Welcome to Kate Raworth live from UK! Author of Doughnut Economics.
1. Donut Economics - the basics
2. Donut in Amsterdam (AmsterdamDonutCoalition)
3. Donut Day 

10.20 A present for Kate - by Timo (12 years) and Ravi (10 years)

10:22 Official opening Donut Day – All participants
Opening Donut Day with a donut, a rap and a newspaper (offline and online) showing the status of one of the Donut Dimensions in Amsterdam. Make your #DonutDay #selfie and share it on twitter @02025Amsterdam

10:30 End of breakfast. 

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