Research for circularity in secondary education (Survey sharing)

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Dear all,

I hope you are well.

My name is Eirini, and currently I'm running a research on the question “How secondary schools in Amsterdam are developing content, teaching methods and school spaces regarding circular economy?”. This is part of my Master's at OAMK (Education Entrepreneurship) but of my personal venture initiative that I'm working at the moment.

At this stage I'm exploring 2 angles.
1) how familiar are teenagers with circulariry as well as  understanding their interests
2) How teachers evaluate their schools in terms of circularity.

For those 2 steps I'm running 2 seperate surveys that they are both anonymous and protect the participants data. For the teenagers ones, If you, as a guide do not agree with the survey please feel free to not share with them.

At this point, I would be more than grateful to ask for your support to share the surveys in your network of teenagers (Age 13-18) and Secondary teachers in Amsterdam.

Below the links to the surveys:
Survey for teenagers:
Dutch version: r/3LJ5XDH
English version: https://nl.

Survey for teachers of secondary schools in Amsterdam:
English version: r/ZQMJLK2

Many thanks for your support,

Eirini Tsirimokou

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Alec Boswijk

di 2 maart 2021 14:11
looking forward to cooperate in facilitating and sharing specific know-how and experience in the field of enhanced circular economy

Alec Boswijk

di 2 maart 2021 15:13
it looks like the link is not working
or has the surveys been closed?