Minibems is a demand management system for complex heating systems that enables improved efficiency and fuel cost savings thanks to intelligent control and monitoring technology, paired with integrated billing.

Who is Minibems for?
Minibems is a money-saving tool for anyone wishing to reduce fuel costs and generate greater efficiency from their heating system.

A holistic control and monitoring platform, Minibems can deliver significant energy and carbon reductions in a complex heat network environment. Minibems is a building energy management system that monitors and controls your heat network to reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase ease of management – perfect for those responsible for managing buildings and networks with high heat loads.

Providing cloud-based visibility of all aspects of your heat network, Minibems identifies and utilises opportunities to reduce your energy consumption and fuel bills.

How do we achieve a 25%* energy saving?
Minibems has been shown to achieve a 25%* built in energy-saving across the entire heat network.
Efficiency is achieved through weather compensated variable temperature control of the entire heat network. Minibems dynamically reduces the heat network’s operating flow and return temperatures, working to meet actual demand rather than operating the whole system at constant temperatures all year round.

Minibems sequences heat generating according to the overall requirements of the heat network, as well as each appliance’s ideal operating environment.


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