Zorginstelling is a non-profit organization that promotes safe Kratom use. The group's efforts are geared toward educating the public about Kratom and enforcing consumer protection laws. They also work with lawmakers and vendors to protect consumer rights in the United States. is committed to promoting safe and responsible Kratom use and harvesting methods. It also works to combat misinformation and unfair legislation pertaining to Kratom. website is updated regularly with authentic information regarding the plant. It also has a secondary website and education section.
Although there are numerous health benefits of Kratom, there are some drawbacks. For one, it is addictive. In addition, it can be abused. The Food and Drug Administration has a history of banning natural products that may have addictive qualities. It is a good idea to research before using a new product.
Among other things, aims to protect consumers by pushing for consumer protection legislation. This will help to ensure that consumers can buy safe Kratom products. Furthermore, it works to educate the public about Kratom and protect its natural resources. And is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about Kratom. also promotes good manufacturing practices. All manufacturers must follow certain manufacturing standards and undergo an official audit to make sure the product is safe. Further, these certified manufacturers also provide a wealth of information to consumers, sellers, suppliers, and law-making bodies. is a non-profit organization run by volunteers dedicated to promoting safe and legal Kratom. Donations to the organization help cover legal fees and other expenses associated with the organization's mission. It also funds scientific research. You can contribute by signing up for their email newsletter.
Due to the Kratom industry's lack of regulations, the product has become contaminated in a number of ways. Many Kratom products on the market are fake or contain traces of illegally-grown Kratom. This has caused confusion among consumers about the source of Kratom. Many people became concerned about the health risks of Kratom products and were afraid to buy them. also wants to protect consumers' health. This association is concerned about the FDA's stance on Kratom. The FDA is responsible for regulating food additives and pharmaceutical drugs. believes that the FDA's actions could harm consumers and even create health issues. is trying to work with the FDA to change the FDA's policy regarding Kratom. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safe Kratom. also works with Kratom vendors to ensure they are adhering to its guidelines. Vendors can apply to become certified by the organization. The certification process requires a thorough review of the vendor's manufacturing processes and products. Vendors that fail to meet these standards are kicked off list. This means that you should never purchase Kratom from an unapproved vendor.

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