Miriam Wuttke

Wie is Miriam?

I live in Berlin-Neukölln in a flat with my hamster. My flat is also a store and has been a studio/gallery. Living & Working.

Werk en hobbies

My profession is Coaching and Social Management.
Hobbies hiking, cycling, studying, learning, exchanging; caring for the trees is the hood.
Networking in the social/green/circular sector.


I want to create more economy of the common, I want to inspire people to think further so our hood would thrive and there would be more exchange, no fear to be left out and more happiness with less consumption.

De droom van Miriam

I want to exchange to learn, create together and build bridges from city to city, Amsterdam-Berlin.

My dream is a pluralism in economy, a social and circular and creative society.

I want to co-create with others to find solutions for common problems so we all can participate with fun and responsibility.

Mijn expertise

Social Management, Project Management, Visual Art, Art Therapy, Coaching, Creative Coaching, Networking

Mijn mogelijkheden

Networking to spread the idea to Berlin, maybe creating a partnership networtk for education, "Circular Classroom" via Zoom

Relevante ervaring

Building a circular network Re-Use Berlin with the Berlin Senate for Climate Protection; getting teachers involved, getting EU funding, project financing

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