Bos en Lommer

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Geplaatst op 23 april 2020, 11:20 uur
I have a background in critical cultural studies and I worked in the cultural sector as an event producer. Because of my background, I was always aware of the environmental impact that for example big festivals have, but my hands were always ties and time limited to do anything substantial about it. I have decided that now, especially with all of the free time I have due to the pandemic, to make a radical change. I want to invest my time, my work, my energy and my passion into being a part of the driving force in society towards change.
Gewenst resultaat I am at the very beginning of my journey, and at the very beginning of a total career switch. My aim at the moment is to find and to help make and sustain community groups in my area in Amsterdam West that would empower, support and inspire people from all walks of life to find their place, their way of contributing, towards a better future.

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