Interviews Needed for Research on Civic Engagement with Renewable Energy

Geplaatst op 17 januari 2020, 08:40 uur

I am currently conducting interviews regarding people's experience using and promoting renewable energy. The results will help inform my thesis project that aims to study how people use renewable energy in Amsterdam and encourage others to do the same. This is part of my Master's program in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Vrije Universiteit

People I am interested in interviewing include those who produce or purchase their own renewable energy and promote its use in their community. I am also interviewing people who are involved in decisions regarding renewable energy use at a governmental or corporate level.


Vrije Universiteit
Sarah LeBarron
January - March 2020
One hour long interview. A follow up interview may be requested but not required.
Contribute to research that aims to study how people become involved with renewable energy, their experience using or working with it, how they build community participation, and what challenges and successes they encounter as they pursue their energy goals.

Please email me at if you're interested in participating!

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